CSR Policy


The Company has responsible for society, environment and stakeholders as below:

The Company set a guideline in treating stakeholders in the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics that concerns responsibilities to all stakeholders i.e. shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers/creditors, contractual parties, communities, society and environment. Moreover, the Company encourages free trade and fair competition and refrain from any action with a potential conflict of interest and intellectual property right infringement including corruption of all kinds. Details are as follow:

  • Corporate Governance
    The Company has a commitment to righteous, honest, fair, transparent and accountable business conduct as well as disclosure of important information. The Company takes into consideration interests of and impacts to shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and all stakeholders as well as shares the interests properly and fairly.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    The Company imposed a policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR) under ethical principles to promote justness for all stakeholders. Moreover, the Company adopted good corporate governance principles as a guideline to maintain a good balance in conducting its business for all aspects including economy, community, society and environment in order to achieve a sustainable success in business development.
  • Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations
    The Company gives high priority to its compliance with laws and regulations related to environment, occupational health and safety at local, national and regional levels. The Company complies with international business ethics by requiring directors, executives, employees to conform to laws, rules and regulations and avoid any involvement, assistance or action that violates related laws, rules and regulations.
  • Compliance with Intellectual Property Law
    The Company prohibits any action that can be considered as an infringement of intellectual property law. Directors, executives and employees are required to comply with laws, rules and regulations and avoid any involvement, assistance or action that violates laws, rules and regulations related to intellectual property.
  • Effective Resource Management
    The Company encourages directors, executives and employees at all levels in the organization to utilize resources efficiently, properly and adequately to maximum benefits. Moreover, the Company shall communicate, educate, support and raise awareness among employees including all stakeholders on resource management for the best interest of the organization.

The Company conducts its business with transparency and aware on anti-corruption of all forms through abiding by laws and promoting social interest as well as encouraging employees to have moral values in performing their duties and adhere to good citizenship. Besides, given its commitment to anti-corruption, the Company signed a joint declaration with the Thai Private Sector’s Collective Action Coalition for Anti-Corruptions as approved by the Board of Directors on 25 February 2019. This project is operated under collaboration of 8 leading organizations which are Thai Institute of Directors, Thai Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce, The Thai Bankers Association, Thai Listed Company Association, The Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations, The Federation of Thai Industries and The Thailand Tourism Council.

To serve this purpose, the Company has stipulated an anti-corruption policy as a clear guideline to prevent and tackle corruption problems in the Company through making an organization culture that is fully aware of dangers from corruption and creating right values and building trust among all stakeholders to enhance effectiveness of anti-corruption actions. In case of incompliance, disciplinary actions and legal actions will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Details are summarized below:

  • Directors, executives, employees at all levels are prohibited from acting, omitting to perform their duties or wrongfully using authority to violate laws or ethical codes including any activity or participation in all forms of corruption, directly and indirectly. They are forbidden to seek unlawful benefits in any form such as a provision, a promise, a solicitation of benefits or assets, an offer of benefits or assets including any other interest to government officials or other persons doing business with the Company, a persuasion to an illegal action or trust destruction or any corruption activity including a solicitation, an acceptance or an offering assets or any other interest to government officials or other persons doing business with the Company.
  • Procedures on offering and acceptance of gifts or entertainment are stipulated as a part of the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics of the Company. Employees must refrain from offering, soliciting, accepting or agreeing to money, items, treats, entertainment or any other interest that are subject to doubts regarding bribery or fraud. Gift acceptance should be reasonable, not lead to any business obligation and not be in a form of cash or cash equivalents. Employees must be fully aware that all actions or inactions are transparent and accountable.
  • The Company stipulated procurement practices, objectives of transactions, reimbursement, and any contract making/entering. In every step in the procurement process, supporting documents or evidences must be enclosed while approval authority at each step is properly set with transparency in compliance with laws, practices, and processes that the Company imposed. Procurement shall also be audited on a regular basis.
  • The Company ensures communications on the anticorruption policy to all units at all levels in the Company through various channels such as employee trainings and internal communication with the purpose to educate related persons and enforce implementation and compliance. Employees can report misconducts, file complaints and make suggestions to the Company so that investigation will be carried out to find facts according to the procedures and the results can be used to solve or improve related matters.
  • The Company set up a human resources management system to promote right values and build anticorruption culture. Employees are informed and communicated of the anti-corruption policy as well as the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.
  • The Company notifies its subsidiaries, affiliates, other companies that the Company has the controlling power as well as business representatives to adopt anti-corruption measures and disclose the anti-corruption policy and measures to both employees and the general public.
  • The Company provides multiple communication channels for employees and related persons to file complaints and report dubious activities. Whistleblower protection measures are in place and identities of whistleblowers and people who deny to involve in corrupted activities shall be kept strictly confidential in order that they are protected from any impact from their actions as well as unfair punishment or transfer. Responsible persons shall be appointed to examine and follow up on all whistleblowing or reported information.
  • Anti-corruption measures are developed in accordance with related laws and moral codes. The Company conducts risk assessment for related activities that are prone to corruption, prepares proper protective measures and communicates internally in the organization on a regular basis.
  • The Company ensures adequate and appropriate internal control systems to prevent corruption and any action that are not in compliance with good corporate governance principles.
  • The Company set forth a policy on related party transactions to prudently consider suitability before engaging in every related party transaction as well as determine prices and conditions on those related party tractions which are comparable with doing with external parties as arm’s length basis.
  • In case that directors, executives and employees involve in any action that violates the anti-corruption policy, directly or indirectly, disciplinary or legal actions will be taken to those persons according to the Company’s practices or related laws.

In addition, the Company recognized on the prevention of corruption or acquisition of illicit benefits for personal interest or interest of others using power or position. A practical guideline is established as follows:

  • Charitable Donation and Financial Support
    The guideline on charitable donation or financial aid of the Company is based on the table of authority approved by the Board of Directors. Donation can be in forms of money or other non-monetary items such as scholarships, educational aids, books, and computers offered to students, schools or donation of goods e.g. supplies for victims of natural disasters, medical expenses or supplies for destitute patients. The donation must not be used as an excuse for any kind of corruption.

    The Company ensures a supervision on charitable donation and financial aid by requiring a letter or a request record specifying an authorized person according to the table of authority to approve and a receipt and/or a thank you latter and/or an acknowledgment letter and/or a photo as a supporting evidence for every time a donation or a financial aid is made.

  • Political Support
    The Company is politically independent and is able to conduct its business without engaging in politics in any case. Therefore, the Company has no policy in supporting politics either using money or any asset of the Company directly or indirectly. However, the Company does not forbid directors, executives and employees from participating in political activities undertaken under the constitution, laws and related rules and regulations but the participation must be on personal behalf without any negative association with the Company.
  • Acceptance and Offering of Gifts, Hospitality and Entertainment
    The Company allows directors, executives and employees to accept and pay money for gifts, services and entertainment that are unambiguous and are considered as a service to customers, trade partners or relevant parties according to ordinary business undertaking or traditions or international festivals without impacting the business conduct or being a potential channel for corruption. The act must be in accordance with the Company’s practices without any violation of related laws and notifications or with the purpose to gain any advantage through a misconduct or to be an outright on hidden exchange to seek benefits in any form. Moreover, type and value of gifts, hospitality and entertainment must be reasonable and appropriate.
  • The Company and Parties with Business Relations
    The Company encourages its subsidiaries and/or any other party that represents the Company participate in anticorruption efforts and prohibits directors, executives and employees to hire any business representative or intermediary with the purpose of corruption. The Company will inform its subsidiaries and the parties representing the Company of the anti-corruption policy similar to the Company.
  • Risk Assessment
    The Company’s directors must understand on potential risks from bribery and corruption together with communicate with employees at all levels for their understanding and compliance to ensure the effective risk management. The Company conducts risk assessment for all operational systems especially processes that are prone to bribery and corruption. Overall risk management policy and proper risk management measures to prevent and mitigate risks under acceptable levels must be reviewed regularly on an annual basis
  • Internal Control
    The Company specified internal control systems that handle corruption covering finance, accounting and data recording including other processes related to anti-corruption measures. Internal control systems are processes that ensure efficiency and credibility of the Company’s operations. The Company shall evaluate the adequacy of its internal control systems that include assessment of control environment, risk management, control activities, information and communication and monitoring activities aimed to report results of the evaluation of internal control system to the Audit Committee.
  • Accounting Audit and Data Storage
    The Company has an audit process for accounting entries and these entries are approved according to the delegation of authority before being recorded in the accounting system. The transactions will be reviewed by considering the Company’s policies, rules and regulations of government agencies and related agencies, relevant laws, contracts and agreements according to accounting standards and policies.
  • Human Resources Management
    The Company will adopt the anti-corruption policy as a part of its human resources management and processes such as recruitment, hiring, training, reward and promotion.
  • Whistleblowing and Complaint in for Corruption Issues
    In case that directors, executives and employees are suspicious of or uncertain of any action that can be considered corruption, they shall seek advice from their direct supervisors or persons that the Company assigned to handle complaints. When there is an evidence that directors, executives, employees and/or any person acting on the Company’s behalf engage in corruption, ones must expose the information or file complaints through the following channels.
    • Tel: 02 917 3055 Ext. 307 and 669
    • E-mail: whistle@dodaydream.com
    • Suggestion and Complaints Box
    • Mail: Do Day Dream Public Company Limited “Complaint Handler”
      No. 32 Keharomklao Road, Rat Patana, Saphansung, Bangkok 10240

    Complaint Handler means Human Resources Director or Company Secretary or the Risk Management Committee or the Audit Committee or the Board of Directors

  • Whistleblower Protection
    Whistleblowers or complainers can rest assured that their whistleblowing or complaints will be taken seriously and they are protected from any adverse consequence from an honest whistleblowing or complaint. The employees who are whistleblowers must gather information carefully and be mindful of the accuracy of disclosed information.

    Whistleblowers are entitled to anonymity and the Company shall treat the information and their identities with confidentiality throughout the investigation. The Company shall not allow any action that can cause damage to the whistleblowers and will take disciplinary actions with the persons who attempt any retaliation to the whistleblowers under a proper process to prevent any impact on the work and/or work relationship of the whistleblowers.

    In case that employees release any information with dishonesty such as information disclosure of personal complaints or with an intention to create internal disharmony within the group of companies or the information is not truly factual whether it is a rumor or for personal benefits, the action will be considered a serious offense and the Company will investigate and consider a punishment according to the Company’s practices.

The Company stresses on respect for human rights with the objective to create equity and equality internally and externally. The Company consistently supervises its business undertaking not to be involved in any violation of rights and liberty both directly and indirectly. For instance, the Company is against forced labor and child labor as well as respects and treats all stakeholders with fairness according to the basis of human dignity. Non-discrimination policies are enforced that require the Company to treat people impartially regardless of origin, race, gender, age, color, religion, physical conditions, status, family or any other status not directly related to work performance. In addition, the Company supports an internal monitoring in compliance with human rights principles and encourages employees to conform to human rights principles under international standards. This responsibility related to human rights also covers its subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures and suppliers.

The Company set up a policy to ensure that employees work together under a happy and accepting work environment. Employees at all levels are treated like a family without taking advantage of each other. The Company respects employees’ rights according to human rights principles as well as abide by labor laws. With regard to employee treatment, the Company established an integrated human resources management system to maximize work efficiency from talent acquisition to talent development with regular trainings to fair compensation and benefits. Furthermore, the Company encourages all employees to have career growth opportunities. And emphasizes on learning at all levels of the organization including skill development to enhance working standards and professionalism under proper work environment. The policy on fair labor treatment is detailed as follow.

  • Compensation and Benefits Package
    The Company’s setop employees’ compensation policies include not only paying compensation in form of monthly salary and fair performance bonus but also promoting career stability and fair career growth opportunity as well as providing proper benefits and welfare for employees such as social security, provident fund and medical treatment.
  • Capability Development and Training
    The Company focuses on human capital development by imposing a policy that encourages employees to develop their skills and potentials as well as fosters positive attitude, morals, ethics and teamwork. Trainings and work seminars are routinely organized for employee development purposes.

    In addition, the Company promotes organization and human resources development underlining efficient work processes, clear roles and responsibilities, determination of proper compensation as well as appraisal system development and capability enhancement.

  • Safety and Occupational Health Policy
    The Company set out a policy that promotes safety and hygiene in workplace for employees through prevention of possible accidents, awareness of safety as well as knowledge sharing through employees’ trainings on important safety measures such as fire protection trainings, proper use of machine training and the white factory activity. Additionally, the Company fosters good health and hygiene of employees and does not engage in any activity that can be harmful to the health of employees and customers. The Company also makes sure that the workplace is safe and hygienic at all time.

The Company has a strong determination in offering highest quality products to customers to maximize their satisfaction as below:

  • The Company highly regards quality and standards of products and focuses on using high grade raw materials and high-standard production in order that its customers are offered premium products and gain highest satisfaction at reasonable prices.
  • The Company continuously researches and develops new products to meet the demands of customers by offering a variety of quality and high-standard products that satisfy customer needs.
  • The Company exercises its marketing fairly and imposes a policy to ensure that customers receive accurate, non-distort and unambiguous information without exaggeration or overstatement concerning the Company products in order that they have adequate and correct information for making decisions.
  • The Company set up a research and development department to design, create and adapt products to suit the needs of each customer group.
  • The Company regards to customer safety first and intends to offer its customers quality and safe products in accordance with standards, international safety rules and regulations and stipulated laws.
  • The Company sought production permissions in accordance with applicable laws as following:
    • The Company’s manufacture was approved from The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • Products show usage instructions in details for the best interest of the consumers.
    • Product return and recall policies are in place as a practical guideline in case of defective or damaged products.
    • The Company is always open for feedbacks from its sales staff and customers through online and other channels such as website, call center and social media for the purpose of product improvement.
    • The Company discloses and disseminates product information to consumers via multiple channels such as website, web board, call center and social media.
    • The Company has a vendor selection criteria assessment to procure highest quality raw materials for consumers’ safety and benefits.
  • The Company implemented a customer relationship management system to communicate with customers as well as receive complaints on product quality in order to respond to customers’ needs promptly.
  • The Company treats customer information as confidential and refrains from using the information wrongfully.
  • The Company organizes various activities to build and enhance relationship with customers in a sustainable manner.

The Company pays attention to corporate social responsibility on environmental preservation including natural resources without engaging in any action that can harm the environment but only to protect the environment. In addition, the Company initiates activities to support environmental preservation for people in the community and fosters an environmentally-conscious mindset in all employees. The Company strictly complies with standards, laws and regulations related to the environment stipulated by related govermnets.

The Company set forth a policy to carry out its business that benefits economy and society and holds firmly to good corporate citizenship and strict compliance with laws and related regulations. The Company shall dedicate itself to developing and enhancing quality of living of people in the society and community where the Company is located in parallel with the Company’s growth.

Furthermore, the Company has a policy to take care of and tighten relationship with communities nearby as well as regularly support activities of the community. Various projects are undertaken considering suitability and benefits to the community and the society for sustainable development. Employees also support and participate in community activities regularly.

The Company ensures innovations at internal working process level in the organization as well as between organizations under collaboration. Innovation means a creation of things using new approaches including changes in thinking or production to add value to the business. The objective of innovation is to foster positive changes to influence improvements and generate more outputs for the best interest of the society. The Company has put in place the following guideline on innovation.

  • Examine all business processes the Company is currently undertaking whether there are risks or negative impacts to society or environment and find solutions to mitigate those impacts. Besides, the Company will study, consider and analyze work processes carefully and thoroughly covering all aspects to create development opportunities in discovering business innovations.
  • Disclose and disseminate discovered innovations that are beneficial to society and environment in order to encourage other businesses and entrepreneurs to follow
  • Analyze and find solutions as well as consistently and continuously develop innovations to create opportunities in inventing new products to generate growth for the Company and meet demands of consumers.
The Company realizes that intellectual property which includes copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets are essential in maintaining a competitive advantage of business either it is the intellectual property of the Company or other parties. Therefore, all directors, executives and employees have the duty to protect and defend all rights to the Company’s intellectual property and use those rights responsibly as well as respect intellectual property rights of others.