CSR Policy


CSR Policy


To demonstrate responsibility for the development of the community along with that of the company in a sustainable manner, the company has adopted 6 CSR policies as follows:

1. Fair Business Practice

  1. Customer
    Do Day Dream Public Company Limited is determined to develop and design products that satisfy consumer needs by prioritizing benefits to consumers because we believe that good relationships with consumers will facilitate the company’s progress in accordance with its the philosophy.
  2. Shareholder
    Do Day Dream Public Company Limited will aim to maximize profits and returns to shareholders as the company strives to become the leader of the skin care and beauty industry internationally while upholding integrity, fairness, and social responsibility.
  3. Supplier
    Do Day Dream Public Company Limited will form good relationships with business partners, suppliers, and producers with honesty and integrity for mutually sustainable growth.
  4. Distributor
    Do Day Dream Public Company Limited will form good relationships with all distributors and sales representatives with honesty and business ethics.
  5. Employee
    Do Day Dream Public Company Limited pledges to engender confidence and pride among all employees because we believe our personnel are valuable resources that drive the company powerfully and steadily forward. The company is determined to move forward along with its employees so that the employees and their families always find contentment with the employment.
  6. Social
    The company always stresses the significance of social responsibility because the company believes that sustainable growth comes from economic, environmental, and social factors, which are all connected with one another. Thus, the company aspires to be a driver in the national economic development through its fair and ethical business operations.

2. Anti-Corruption Measures

The company has established in its code of business ethics conducts that promote honesty, legal compliance, preservation of rights, and safeguard of internal and external resources. In addition to emphasizing ethics in the business operations and effective internal controls trusted by partners and investors, the company has policies that address 2 issues relating to conflict of interests, which are

  1. Related-Party Transactions: the company will evaluate the appropriateness of each related-party transaction thoroughly, including assessing the pricing and conditions, to ensure that the transaction resembles an arm’s length transaction. Additionally, the Audit Committee will be responsible for ascertaining the necessity and reasonableness of the transaction.
  2. In other situations that can lead to conflict of interests, the company’s policy is to not solicit, accept, or offer any bribes/gratuities from business partners

3. Fair Employment Practice

The company has policies to offer fair compensation, keep the work environment safe, provide training for all employees consistently, strictly comply with all employment regulations, and avoid all unfair practices. The company will treat all employees with respect, listen to all levels of employees impartially, and give due regard to their safety consistently. The company has organized training sessions to educate employees about important safety measures, such as training on fire prevention, proper machine use, and drugs free workplace.

4. Accountability to Consumers

The company has a policy to continuously improve its products for the benefit of consumers, including offering good service at reasonable price. In order for the production to meet the required standards and satisfy the customers, the company has established the research and development department that is responsible for designing, inventing, and modifying various products to suit the consumers. As the company has realized the importance of accountability to consumers, it has a rigorous process to secure a manufacturing approval as follows:

  1. Manufacturing approval has been obtained from Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  2. Detailed instructions on how to use the products are provided for the ultimate benefits of consumers
  3. Policies for return and recall of products are established as guidelines
  4. Online channels were consistently utilized to receive suggestions from salespeople and customers, such as through Website, Webboard, Call Center, Social media, to facilitate product improvement.
  5. A number of channels to provide product information to consumers have been created such as Website, Webboard, Call Center, Social media
  6. The company regularly reviews the criteria for supplier selection to acquire ingredients with the highest quality for the safety and benefits of consumers

5. Environment

The company has paid attention to the preservation of the environment and natural resources by abstaining from destructive activities, providing protection, and arranging community events that support environmental preservation, including raising awareness among its employees. In 2014, the company began participating in legal and regulatory initiatives of the authorities. The company expects to receive ISO 9001 2015 and Asian GMP certification within 2016.

6. Community and Social Development

In addition to the environment and natural resources, the company has also appreciated the significance of supporting the community and the society. The company has organized diverse events that allow the public to be a part of community and environmental development.

CSR Policy