Vision, Mission & Goals



To be 1 of the 3 market leaders in the Asian beauty industry


We create healthy skin for everyone to be truly beautiful in their own unique way

DO to make every DAY your DREAM

Business Objectives

Do Day Dream Public Company Limited believes that growth leading to success comes from a number of factors, with a primary one being the quality of the products. This is because sustainable growth is a result of trust and brand loyalty, which will motivate customers to repurchase the products again. The company has the following long-term business goals:

  1. Strive to meticulously source ingredients from suppliers in various countries to find suitable ingredients for development and creation of new products, in conjunction with monitoring industry trends, in order to consistently satisfy customers.
  2. Design the packaging of all products to protect the integrity of the ingredients, and make the products long-lasting and easy to use. In addition, the company will elevate the standards for logistics (transportation) and warehouse (inventory) storage, while prioritizing benefits to consumers.
  3. Increase the sales and marketing channels to nearby regions to enhance ease of access for target customers and brand recognition in order to achieve the goal of becoming one of the international players in the manufacture and distribution of skin care.
  1. Continuously improve internal systems of the organization to enhance speed and effectiveness of operations, while maintaining a decentralized structure to keep the company agile in responding to changes.
  2. Maintain good relations with all business partners and engage in corporate social and environmental responsibility to foster long-term sustainability.