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Administration Department

The Administration Department is comprised of units critical to the business operations. The Purchase Department is responsible for contacting and coordinating with suppliers to select and order high-quality materials through transparent and fair procurement process free of fraudulent actions. The legal unit is mainly responsible for trademark registration, patent filing, and FDA approvals so that the products comply with the legal requirements and will not be counterfeited.

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Finance and Accounting Department

Continuous improvement endorsed by Do Day Dream Co., Ltd. is present in the accounting and finance functions. In addition to diligence, accuracy, and timeliness, we welcome characteristics such as inventiveness, being goal-driven, and ability to adapt. We offer new generations opportunities to show their potential because we hope to develop our personnel to become well-rounded leaders that can grow with the company.

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Human Resources Department

Because we acknowledge that our personnel are the most valuable assets of the organization, Human Resources Department pays considerable attention to selecting qualified personnel who are willing to demonstrate their potential and work in a rapidly growing organization.

In addition, the Human Resources Department values continuous training and development of personnel to advance their skills, knowledge, and abilities so that they can grow in their careers alongside the company. Furthermore, the HR Department administers the management of employment benefits to offer the employees happiness and good quality of life every day they work for Do Day Dream Co., Ltd.

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Information Technology Department

Information technology is currently very integral to people’s daily life. In business, IT system serves an essential back-office function that supports the growth and development of Do Day Dream Co., Ltd. by streamlining the process and increasing speed and accuracy.

With rapid growth rate, Do Day Dream Co., Ltd. appreciates the significance of the Information Technology Department. The company strives to develop new technology with an emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of the analytical capability, the network system, the database, the security, and the IT personnel, so that the company can grow steadily and achieve its goals sustainably.

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Marketing Department

Do Day Dream Co., Ltd. is confident that true beauty is generated from internal well-being, or “Beauty is Healthy.” Marketing department is instrumental in communicating this definition of beauty by introducing the consumers to the products that have been designed to satisfy their need – the desire for beauty and well-being from having naturally healthy skin through the use of naturally extracted ingredients that NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE has meticulously sourced from all over the world.

By becoming a part of the marketing team, you will not only participate in developing a marketing and campaign strategy for the whole company, but also work in an industry that is highly competitive and dynamic.

Do Day Dream Co., Ltd. aims to be a trend-setter in the beauty industry and to reach a wide group of consumers through sales channels that provide access to a large audience. Thus, the marketing team is tasked with bringing innovation into the industry which is highly challenging from intense competition and expectations from consumers.

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Operation Department

Pleasant work environment is not limited to elegant or beautiful office. The Operation Department defines a positive work environment as the place where the employees are happy to work, share the same direction, have clear goals, work as a team, and understand their roles.

To use the analogy of a ship, all employees are responsible for making the ship sail successfully. The speed and the distance that the ship can travel are determined by collaboration and determination to do the necessary tasks beyond their duties.

Teamwork as defined by the Operation Department encompasses the full responsibility for one’s duties, clear goals in regards to one’s role, the ability to work in one another’s role when the situation requires, and finally, the common vision of how the company can leap forward quickly. Employees should be proud to be a part of the success and the achievement of the aspiration of the company.

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Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department is mainly responsible for selecting ingredients from all over the world and conducting business with suppliers that meet the international standards. To be selected, the materials will need to be supported by research that they are effective and safe for consumers and the environment. This is because the organization prioritizes the satisfaction of consumers and would like to develop Thai products that can compete in international markets and receive global acceptance.

Quality Control Department develops the quality control system that is capable of controlling and inspecting all the steps during production to deliver safe, high-quality products. This will secure the trust of consumers and the international acceptance of the company as a high-quality producer.

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Sales Department

The Sales Department is the one responsible for acquiring business opportunities for distributors both domestic and abroad. We do not only introduce the products to the market, but also act as advisors for retailers to become competitive and responsive to market dynamics. An important goal of the sales department is to deliver value to customers and personnel, which translates to superior business outcomes.

Because sales entails not only the introduction of products to the market, but also the formulation of sales strategy to help our business partners grow, we value the development of the sales team to become excellent salespeople and advisors of business development.

Embracing diversity, our sales department encourages open and sincere dialogue and welcomes personnel to voice their opinions for further application to the business.

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Strategy and Insight Department

Formulating organizational and business strategy is crucial to providing direction of the business to achieve sustainable growth. The pursuit of business opportunities and the understanding of the market and consumer needs are key drivers in making all departments share a common goal and move in the same direction.

Strategy formulation requires insights to assist in decision-making. Strategy and Insight Department employs comprehensive analysis of the economy, the market, and the needs of target consumers so that all parts of the company can perform their work accurately in meeting the needs of consumers, which will increase satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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