Gaining valued experience for many years, Do Day Dream Public Company Limited has become a proficient expert who can give the best advice for customer in terms of high quality skin care products production which not only suits the customer’s need, but also meets the customer’s satisfaction very well.

Original Equipment Manufacturer


In the beginning of the founding, OEM business was the first sector where the company earned its revenue. The company’s condition is doing business with the standard and transparency. As a result, the products manufactured by the company are high quality with the regulations of the FDA causing no harm to consumers.

The company has its own research team, which is specialized in providing advice and special materials that fit the customer’s need. The company pays attention in every aspects as a brand owner to deliver the best to its customers.

Product Coverage


Manufacturing and advising in all kind of skin care products including cosmetics such as Cream, Serum, Gel, Spray, Mist, Mask, etc.